It started with a secret…..

For my daughter Ashley who first lit the spark in me to live and to make it count. It started with a secret.. It started with a whisper … It started with a question…. It grew to a tribe… It blossomed into hope …. It spread like fire … It burned in the minds ofContinue reading “It started with a secret…..”

Lets talk trafficking

January is human trafficking awareness month and there are many great articles out there to raise awareness of this issue and educate the public about what their role is. There are also a lot of totally unhelpful information. I think by now we have all seen the Facebook post warning people about how their sistersContinue reading “Lets talk trafficking”

Survivors of Child Marriage Speak out

The Tahirih Justice Center has released a compilation of stories, writings and poetry from survivors of child marriage across the United States. I was honored to be part of this heartbreaking and inspiring work of art. My story is included along with those of my brave sisters. This work honors their stories as well asContinue reading “Survivors of Child Marriage Speak out”

End of the year reflection

I am not a person who really makes new years resolutions. I make goals and break them down into smaller tasks and get to work. I don’t wait until the end of a year to get started. Like most people,I do have hope for the next year and reflect on the year ahead at theContinue reading “End of the year reflection”

Male Domestic Violence Survivors

October has come to a close and another domestic violence awareness month has gone. I wanted talk about the men who have suffered or are still suffering from domestic violence. Men also experience domestic violence, it is not just a woman’s issue. Statistically speaking the reported incidents of domestic violence are higher for women thanContinue reading “Male Domestic Violence Survivors”

A safe place to sleep

For many years I was afraid to sleep. I was already a kid who was afraid of what lurked in the dark. I would flip off the light switch in my room, run jump and fly into my bed so whatever was under my bed wouldn’t get me. Then came the real nightmares came. TheContinue reading “A safe place to sleep”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I participated in a domestic violence event for the first time in my life last week. I have not stepped into this space because honestly I don’t feel like that part of my life is over. I also haven’t finished processing all the emotions surrounding living a lifetime in survival mode. My daughter attended thisContinue reading “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Child Bride/Stepmom

The AHA Foundation shared my story last week. We talked about how I technically became a stepmother to a 10 and 13 year old at the age of 15. I don’t think that I can put into words the confusion and just down right unsettling of this situation is to this day. After we hadContinue reading “Child Bride/Stepmom”

All Call to action

Tomorrow the Judiciary Committee of Massachusetts will hold a hearing to vote on ending child marriage in Massachusetts.Bill H.1478 Resiliency Foundation has joined Unchained at Last, Tahirih and other organizations to end child marriage in MA. If you live in MA please contact your representatives and task them to ban child marriage. I submitted myContinue reading “All Call to action”