Asking the right questions

Resiliency Foundation was honored to be part of a forced marriage/child marriage training held in Indianapolis last week. As we talked about how to screen for these cases I realized that none of us ( doctors offices, social service programs, mental health professionals). Have any questions on our intake forms asking the person that weContinue reading “Asking the right questions”

The Aftermath NBC news interviewed me for a story that they were working on as part of an ongoing series highlighting the issue of child marriage in the US. In this story I appreciate how the writer focused on the aftermath of child marriage. How difficult it was to build a life and the years ofContinue reading “The Aftermath”

Self Care

Many of us struggle to take care of ourselves. For those who have suffered trauma taking care of ourselves is essential to healing. However giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves can be hard. I personally struggle with this often. Trauma is damage to the psyche and you can’t see it from the outside.Continue reading “Self Care”

Why is child marriage bad?

For all my data loving readers out there. If you are being forced into a marriage or already have been and need help call: 571-282-6161 Child marriage is the opposite of an equal partnership Child marriage creates a power imbalance and abuse is an inevitable Child brides are most often timid, shy and have lowContinue reading “Why is child marriage bad?”

The Road to Advocacy

Last fall I participated in something called the Human Library. The Human Library is an international organization and movement that first started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. It aims to address people’s prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet. The organisation uses a library analogy of lending people ratherContinue reading “The Road to Advocacy”