Social justice

Thoughts from my son

Since I spoke about my lived experience of child of marriage I have been asked often about my children. For the most part I intend to keep my children out of the spot light of sharing my story.

I will reveal some information; I have four children. None of whom are biologically related to my first husband. The state of CA did grant my ex paternal rights of my oldest child who is now an adult. To my knowledge he never physically harmed her, but he did cause some psychological issues that I believe she has worked through. My oldest daughter has been in college for some time, has a job that she loves and travels often. I also have a 16 year old daughter who is a very normal 16 year old girl. She attends cosmetology school( and high school) and dreams of doing make up on movie sets and possibly having her own make up line. This fall she will launch her own business providing hair and make up services.

My youngest daughter is 11 and enjoys being the baby of the family. She is incredibly kind and has many friends. She enjoys PBS, shopping at justice and caring for her many pets.

I was blessed with one son who enjoys writing and drawing. He asked if he could share his own thoughts about my situation and speak for himself.

“Hi, I am the son of the writer of the blog your currently reading. Being the child of someone who went through what my mother did I wouldn’t know unless she told me. She handles its well and doesn’t let it control her life. She’s an awesome mom and person. She dedicates plenty of time into helping others, and her line of work reflects that. However, not often but sometimes I can tell she thinks about it a little too much, so I let her talk about it with me and I try to help her feel better. Like I said before she’s still a great mom even though she didn’t have much of an example. We have a nice home with nice things. We get enough food and care.” – Rob 14 years old  

Raising my children will be the most important use of my life. I had done my best and look forward to continuing to watch them grow and become who they are meant to be.

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