“Empowering sexual abuse, human trafficking, and forced marriage victims to become survivors”

Shame and pain thrive in the darkness of secrecy and isolation. Resiliency foundation strives to bring those who have experienced trauma such as sexual abuse, trafficking and forced marriage out of the shadows to heal. Many victims never speak of their experiences and carry shame throughout their lives and sometimes pass their pain to others. Trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence, help is available. We treat each individual with compassion, confidentiality, and kindness. Our program helps to build confidence and resiliency to help victims become survivors. Our organization provides education and training, individual and group art therapy, peer coaching and many other resources. The foundation also provides advocacy for victims and is active in preventing sexual abuse, trafficking and child marriage.

If you need help or would like to inquire about training for your organization or to book a speaker please visit our contact page.


  1. There needs to be assistance in every state. Please join organizations working on changing the laws such as Tahirah Center for justice in DC. You may just be called on for posting updates. Everyone can help. Love this work from resiliency foundation. I would love to participate in New Mexico.


    1. Thank you Katherine. We absolutely work with Tahirih! As well as many national and international organizations. I just focus here in IN because sadly we can’t fix everything in one swoop. But we absolutely answer the call to work together on a national level.


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