Inaugural Post

Thank you for taking the time to read my first of many post.
I thought I would start by touching on the reasons I set up a blog spot and what I hope to accomplish by doing so.
Those who know me well and have had the oppertunity to hear some of my life story and are always left stunned by the sheer amount of curve balls, injustices and obsticals I have personally overcome to be in a posistion to write these words.
I have sat on many a therapist sofa and retold my tales in a such a calm matter of fact way that it seems like I am telling someone else’s story. After retelling my story I always find myself staring into the face of a stunned and speechless mental health professional.
I have one friend who I have let some of my dark tales slip out to and he often responded with a; ” you have to warn people before you drop a ball like that on them!”
The most common comment I have gotten however is ” you have got to write a book about your experiences!”
Rather than write a book, I decided the best venue would be a blog. Perhaps it will be collected and polished into a book.
I hope from this blog I will share my story in a way that I am comfortable with, I realize that this is my truth and only my truth. Other people involved in these stories might have a completely different perspective of what happened and I respect that as well as value my own truth.
My second hope is that people who have suffered through similar circumstances will find a hope in my words, they will realized they are not alone and that despite having survived such harsh circumstances they can find comfort, healing and possibly empowerment.
Third I will try my best to ilistrate the governmental and legal policies that have been instrumental in victimizing myself and many others. Many of these ” laws” and polices are still broken and still victimizing others.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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